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A film is a microscope to see my past, from where the Balkan rhythms
emerge as well as Slavonic bliss, Romanic resilience and Russian lyricism.
A film is a telescope to see the future, focused on the magnetic storms of all the galaxies in the infinite world.
Eugen Doga

Eugen Doga is the author of more than two hundred film soundtracks. The feature films, documentary films, animated cartoons and stage plays are available with the dates when the music was written by the composer.

Speaking about Eugen Doga’s music in cinematography (and it is more than two hundred films for the moment), we can’t but mention a completely amazing feature of the Maestro - his music gives the viewers a full transcript of the situation occurring on the screen at the moment, his music is self-sufficient, that’s why we can watch the films with music by Eugen Doga without any translation. A perfect example of this is the music for the "Jamila" film which adds further credence to the unique abilities of the Maestro. All the melodies written by the composer for this film are an absolutely accurate hit to the theme of Central Asia.

Captivating "Doga motives" in "Jamila" make the Asian steppes even wider, emphasize the magic beauty of eternal snow-capped mountain peaks and the unique colour of green fertile valleys, which beautify the local landscape in such a fabulous way. But the Maestro creates a very different musical and amazingly true picture by telling the audience about the Central region of Russia - this is the music for the "Once Again We Need to Live" film directed by Vasiliy Panin and based on the works by Andrey Platonov.

All the dates are given as of the time of writing music by the composer.

Filmography (in the Russian and Romanian languages).

1997-2017 (c) Eugen Doga. All rights reserved.