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When music and dance create at one

 then the impression

produced by these combined arts is extraordinary,

and their magical charms captivate both heart and mind.

Jean-Georges Noverre 

Eugen Doga wrote his first ballet music in 1983 for the screen ballet Anna Pavlova” by Emile Lotyanu. This is a movie about the legendary ballet dancer, who became a symbol of the Russian ballet (scenes from the movie: “Egyptian Dance”, “Dancing On The Square”). 

During the same year, Eugen Doga wrote the romantic ballet "Star Dreams of the Princess" (Luceafarul) based on the story of the greatest work of the Romanian literature classic Mihai Eminescu. The ballet was not just once presented on a scene, as well as it was presented to the public under the open sky within the educational project in the central park of the Cathedral of Chisinau. The plot of the ballet is a fairy tale of love of the princess and the immortal son of the Sun. 

In 1989, Eugene Doga wrote music for the ballet “Venancio”. Prior to that, Eugene Doga studied the unique folklore of Latin America for several years. It was a living folk art of this part of the world that was the source of inspiration for the ballet music. The plot of the ballet is a poetic love, a desire for the beauty and freedom, and a struggle between the good and the evil. 

Doga’s ballet music draws feelings of the characters and any their soul stirs and passionate impulses, and gives the performance an emotional and image base. It is distinguished by a continuous symphonic development, bright musical dramaturgy, expression of images of the characters. 

Eugen Doga’s ballets are a world of romance and high feelings, love as the humanity avatar, dreams of a bright and beautiful world, and a fairy tale about how the good triumphs over the evil. 

At present time, Eugene Doga writes the music for a new, one more ballet. The plot of the ballet is love and conation to happiness and dreams again. 

The ballet “Venancio”

The ballet “Lucheaferul”


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